Home Health Services

How Can Medicall Home Health Help You?

We work to improve the patient’s independence and decrease the load on the caregiver.You are never alone! An Administrative Nurse is available to you 24 hours a day, 7days a week to:

-Talk you through problems.

-Send a nurse or home health aide to your home in times of crisis,even in the middle of the night.

We work to help caregivers find more quality time for themselves by sharing the patient care load. Evaluate a home for modifications & equipment needed for the patient to achieve the greatest level of independence.

We can help sort through the health care maze. We will help you apply for all the County,State, and Federal programs you qualify for.In a crisis or planned vacation, we can assist with the transfer and admission to just the right facility or find 24 hour care at home.We can set up a medication administration system to help prevent errors and potential harm or hospitalization.

We will help you find the right long term help and train them.

The services we offer to you or your loved ones will include

Home Health Nursing

The home health nurse plans and provides nursing care in the home, such as pharmacy provided IV therapy, wound care, injections, nutritional teaching,monitoring, and patient/family instruction.An administrative nurse is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to direct the on-call home care nurses for after hours needs.

Home Health Aides

Services provided under the supervision of an R.N. Personal care for the patient: bathing, skin care, shampooing, and bed positioning.Therapeutic exercises as prescribed by a licensed therapist. Assistance in maintaining a clean, healthful home environment for the patient.Home health aides are on-call 24 hours a day and are activated by the administrative nurse in the event of a patient or caregiver crisis.

Medical Social Worker

Assistance with long-term plans, obtaining financial aid and other resources. Assisted coordination of community resources. Assessment of social and emotional factors impacting the patient’s care. Counseling for the patient.

Physical Therapy

Help to develop and restore functions of limbs and muscles. A hands-on approach to enhance healing and decrease pain. Instruction for patients and family in rehabilitative activities to achieve maximum independence.

Occupational Therapy

Training and adaptive equipment to help increase patient’s independence at home with:


-Personal hygiene

-Meal preparation

-Activities of daily living

Speech Therapy

Speech pathologist for speech therapy, oral motor exercises and swallowing training, developing of communication, cognitive function, and memory.

Psych Nursing services

Our unique coordination with some of the best behavioral health Doctors and practitioners in the area, facilitates an individualized attention to every client and caregiver.

Wound Care Program

Wound management models of the future are now. Our talented team specializes in healing wounds with cutting edge technology combined with the best skilled professional care.

Coumadin Lab draws

We offer the convenience of drawing and checking the PTT/INR results in home and calling in to your doctor promptly,saving you the time to go the Lab

Medical Supplies

Medicall Home Health provides the medical supplies needed to carry out the care plan as ordered by a physician and covered by your insurance. Besides DME supplies.

All Medicall Home Health employees have undergone a background check.